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It is hard to believe that one of the state's best museums can be housed in a small town of just 1,500 people, but it was built on the site of Stonehenge, Missouri State University in St. Louis. The city is home to the Missouri Institute of Technology, the nation's leading technology research university, and is just blocks from the University of Missouri - Columbia campus. It is named after the city that was consecrated in 1958 to a group of students, faculty, staff and alumni of Missouri University. One end of the campus is dominated by a replica of stoneheaded, another is built in its place and has all the features of an original stoneheaded.

Frank Ebling opened his store in Pacific, MO in 1946 and moved to Rolla in 1957 when Route 66 was replaced by I-44, passing him and the store. Jones moved to an auction house that was one of the largest auction houses in the state of Missouri at the time of the opening.

The nearby Mark Twain National Forest, named after the writer Samuel Clemens, is home to the state's second largest spring, offers campgrounds and hiking trails, and offers a variety of hiking and camping opportunities, as well as scenic views of the Missouri River and the Great Smoky Mountains. It is the largest national park in the USA, which covers a huge area of 750 miles.

These include the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the state's largest national park, and the Missouri River Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

The 1929 Franklin is just one of many classic cars that visitors can find in the Rolla Museum of Natural History's Route 66 exhibition. It features an extensive exhibit on Missouri history, including artifacts from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Missouri River Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Among the most famous items are the expedition artifacts of Lewis and Clark, which are on display in the current exhibition Route66, as well as a collection of vintage cars. Harvey's car is parked next to a Cadillac owned by the late John F. Kennedy and his wife Mary Ann Kennedy.

Meghan, who wants to be a paleontologist, brought some rock fossils identified by Dave Bridges, a geologist at MGS. It was not until the 1980s that the dinosaur was correctly identified as a hadrosaur duck, but the bones were sold to the Smithsonian and it was considered the largest beaked dinosaur in the world at the time of its discovery. A father and son restored the old Ford and stopped at the Rolla Museum of Natural History on their way to their lakeside home in Camdenton. The museum was visited by a group of students from the University of Missouri - St. Louis and Missouri State University.

The Powers Museum archive has been microfilmed since 1997, and if you need to use the city directories during the museum's opening hours, they are available in the library. Limited city and district history books are also available free of charge for self-directed research, as well as a limited number of photocopies and booklets, including selected church histories, which can also be found in libraries. The museum is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the programs are planned for the meeting room and the library.

COVID 19, who plans to visit the Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology, is asked to contact us at 573 - 368 - 2100 to make an appointment for a visit. Self-guided tours are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm. COVID19, If you are planning a visit, please call 572 - 488 - 3200 to arrange a time of visit. Need resources to use at one of these locations in Rolla, Missouri, or for more information about the museum's programs?

Museum staff can no longer carry out research or make photocopies for on-site researchers. Museum officials recommend a full day, but suggest spending at least two hours enjoying their collections and exhibits. If you want to visit the store, you can visit the Memoryville USA Museum, which is open all day. The Powers Museum does not provide free research services to those who cannot travel to the museum or use the reference library or archive collections. We will be happy to discuss your project by e-mail or telephone or contact you by phone at 573 - 368 - 3200.

A book with copies of all 63 historical markings and signs is available for $15, and brochures and maps for hikes are available and can be printed.

Children and adults often bring stones and other objects to the museum and ask geologists to examine and identify them. The Buehler Building in Rolla at 111 Fairgrounds Road is sold out, as is the Museum of Natural History in St. Louis.

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