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There are 51 single-family homes in Rolla, Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Housing and Community Development, and 0 condominiums in Rolla have been sold or are being sold by their owners. Last year, 0 single-family homes were sold in the city, 0 condominiums were offered for sale by their owners outside the city.

Compare this with Missouri real estate data, which shows the total number of properties listed. Compared to the whole of Missouri, the data show that Rolla's recent annual rate of appreciation is just 5.29%, an annualized rate of 0.52%. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the state, where house prices have risen much faster than in the past, with the average annual growth rate over the past five years being just over 5% (29%), an annualized rate of 1.2% and an average annual growth rate of 2.4% over the same period. Phelps County had 179 properties and Jefferson County had 1,821, according to data from the Missouri Department of Housing and Community Development.

There are also many apartments in Rolla built between 1940 and 1969, but less than half of the housing stock is also from 2000 or later.

Single-family houses are the most common form of housing in Rolla, accounting for more than half of the city's housing stock and about a third of all apartments. Other types of flats that predominate in Rollada are houses that have been converted into flats or other small dwellings.

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